Two GUST students win mini iPads at the Library quiz event

The Raffle Draw for the winners of the Library quiz was conducted on Sunday, September 25, 2016 in the Library soon after the Excelsior and Book Release Ceremony. The two Raffle winner names: Zahraa Asaad Hasan and Mohammad AlMutawa, picked by the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan, and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Ali Ansari, won mini iPads.

The quiz was a 4-day event run in the Library from September 19th to 22nd under the guidance of the Library Director Ms. Shobhita Kohli. The quiz consisted of questions which had multiple choice answers to select from and were on topics related to the Library resources and services, mainly. Every right answer bagged an instant small gift, additionally these names were eligible for the Raffle, of which two winners were selected for the mini iPads.


The Library team were seen encouraging student participation while students were seen enthusiastically involved in the quiz event. The ultimate goal of the event was to creatively engage the new and returning students as well as to educate them on the Library services and resources. This initiative was successful and built an excitement amongst the students who participated; those who did not participate were motivated to do so, in the coming year.