Textbook Adoption Policy

To have textbooks available for students, an instructor must order them ahead of time. Faculty should begin the process of examining possible textbooks well before the start of the semester. Most publishers will send examination copies which can be requested through the Library. An annual book fair is held during the month of April. This event provides faculty an opportunity to examine various texts and meet helpful representatives from the major publishing companies.


Textbooks are both a critical resource for student learning and an important teaching tool.  Therefore, textbook adoption procedures affect all aspects of the teaching and learning process at Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST). With this background, the following procedures were developed to:
• implement and  reflect the educational mission and philosophy of each department and program,
• provide the best possible textbooks for students at a reasonable price,
• increase the involvement of adjunct faculty in the selection process,
• simplify the administration of textbook selection.


The following applies to all University faculty and University departments placing orders for textbooks and course materials:
The policy governs all textbooks and related course materials that students are required to purchase for courses taught at GUST.
Deadlines for textbook orders at the Library are as follows:
• Fall Semester – May 15th
• Spring Semester – December 1st
• Summer Semester – April 26th
Reminder for textbook order deadlines will be sent by email.

Ordering Course Materials

Textbook request / order forms must be completed and submitted to the Library by the deadlines specified above. All information must be accurate, or the order form will be returned and considered incomplete until all required information is provided.  In all cases, especially where inconsistent information exists, books will be ordered according to the ISBN provided.
A timely response is required to ensure availability of the requested text, as well as prompt delivery for the start of the semester.  A textbook order form must be completed for each course even if no text is required.
When ordering additional materials, a separate form is required.  Please note “additional materials” so that the original order form is not replaced by the subsequent order.
All textbooks and ancillary items should be reviewed prior to placing an order to avoid last minute changes and unsatisfactory selections.

Late Orders and Requests

In addition to being subject to the following policies, late requests may require a signature from the Dean and/or Vice President.

Old Edition, Out-of-Print and Otherwise Unavailable Textbooks

When ordering textbooks, the Library will always obtain the latest edition of the text.  On some occasions, the bookstore does not notify the Library which edition has been ordered.  The requester will be notified as soon as possible when a new edition has replaced an older edition.  If a text is not available for any reason, the requester will be notified promptly to allow him/her time to order a new text.

Non-Returnable / Restricted-Return Course Materials

In the event that an ordered textbook is non-returnable to the publisher or subject to return restrictions, the requester will be notified.  In order to process the order, the Department Head and Dean’s signature will be required.

Textbook Requisitions

All textbook requisitions are submitted to the Library.  Quantities for classes are based on estimated enrollments, prior sales history, and registration figures from the registration office.
It is recommended that texts be used for two years.  Any changes during these two years should go through the Department Head/Dean.  Except in unusual circumstances, textbooks used in sequential courses should not be changed after the first semester.

Responsibilities of the Faculty

a. Faculty and departments must provide the Library with required textbook information for each course in a timely manner.
b. Faculty should resubmit textbook requests each semester. The Library only orders textbooks one semester at a time.
c. Provide the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
d. If solution manuals and/or study guides are needed for a course, they should be indicated on the request forms.
e. After the submission of requests, the Library should be notified immediately of any increase in enrollment so that additional copies can be ordered time.
f. Although GUST does not have a policy on textbook costs, it is recommended that they be kept reasonable.  Cost should be checked prior to submitting the textbook order.
g. If no textbooks are needed for your course, indicate ‘NO TEXT’.
h. It is important to suggest alternative textbook titles in case the recommended titles are not available.
i. Supplementary texts should not be required unless they are used significantly in the course.  Materials can be reserved in the Library instead.

Responsibilities of Textbook Coordinator (Library Director)

The Textbook Coordinator will act as the intermediary between faculty and the bookstore and will have the following responsibilities:
• Coordinate orders with the respective faculty,
• Seek textbook orders from Department Heads,
• Communicate with the bookstore,
• Communicate initial textbook orders and follow up on orders.
The liaison role of textbook coordinator is most important with respect to the smooth functioning of the system. The textbook coordinator will supply all faculty with desk copies and ancillaries for the standard textbooks.  Faculty who choose not to use the standard textbook will be responsible for obtaining their own desk copies and ancillaries.

Obtaining Copyright Permission

Faculty should refer to the Library for instructions and guidelines concerning the reproduction of copyrighted materials. Requests for copyright permission should be made six weeks before copies are needed.