Reserve Policy

Items are placed on reserve to allow an entire class to key or supplemental materials needed for that class. Placing items on reserve facilitates equitable access by all students of a class to these items.

What May Be Placed on Reserve?

• Lecture notes, problem solutions, etc.
• Any circulating Library items (books, videos, etc.)
• Personal copies of books or videos
• Single photocopies of articles, a chapter of a book.
• Any material for which permission has been granted by the Copyright Clearance Center.
The Library will seek permission for materials that exceed fair use guidelines. If permission is denied, the Library will remove the copy from reserve immediately.

What May Not Be Placed on Reserve?

• Photocopies of a complete book or of a substantial portion of a copyrighted work.
• Certain non-circulating items from Library (journals).
• Books obtained through Interlibrary Loan.

How Does Reserves Work for Students?

• Students may check out one reserve item at a time. Reserve items check out for 1 hour and must remain in the library.
• Reserve audio/video cannot be checked out – they must be utilized in the library.
• Students are responsible for the timely return of all materials.

How to Remove Items on Reserve?

• Personal books/media will be returned via campus mail or they may be picked up from the Library.
• Photocopied materials will be discarded unless specifically requested for their return.
• Library materials will be returned to the Library stacks.