A. M. Al-Refai Library unveils artwork

The A. M. Al-Refai Library unveiled the Recycled Books artwork on Wednesday, February 04, 2015. The artwork was officially opened by Dr. Donald Bates, President in the presence of GUST Management, faculty, staff, and students. Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan, was also present at the event.

Ms. Shobhita Kohli, Library Director in coordination with Dr. Margaret Graham, the art teacher at GUST organized for the utilization of the obsolete books and recycled them in a creative art form. It took about three weeks for Dr. Graham to complete the project. As a start, she arranged with some helpers for the gluing, and fixing of books on panels; after which the tree was painted on the glued books.

 The artwork which represents a knowledge tree emerging out from the base of the glued books was appreciated by the attendees. Ms. Kohli said she wishes to get few more artworks done in the Library and utilize the weeded books.