A. M. Al-Refai Library launches its QR codes

The A. M. Al-Refai Library is pleased to announce the launch of its QR codes for instant navigation of the Library website and access to the electronic resources via your mobile phone.

What is a QR code?

QR (Quick Response) code is a 2 dimensional picture with horizontal and vertical encoding that can be linked to a URL, an image, a contact number, etc. There are endless creative uses for QR codes for resource sharing and outreach.

How does a QR code work?

Open the QR scanner / reader application (app) and capture the QR code with your mobile device camera. Depending on the code’s content, the application will translate the QR code into a URL, text, image, etc.

Where do I get a QR code scanner / reader application?

Certain cell phones have QR code scanning functionality built-in. However, you may need to install a QR Code Reader application specific to your phone handset before you can read the codes.

If you have a “smart phone” or other handheld device (like a tablet, iPad, etc.), QR scanner / reader apps are typically available for free installation wherever you go to get new apps. 

Why is A. M. Al-Refai Library using QR code?

Few of the benefits of using QR codes:

  • As a user you get instant access to the Library website and eResources section directly from your mobile.
  • You don’t have to type anything into your mobile, by just using the camera and scanning the QR code, all information stored in the QR code is available via your mobile phone.
  • Scanning a QR code and storing data in your mobile phone is more convenient than writing down URLs on a piece of paper.
  • You can keep a digital archive of this information in your phone and go back at any time.

Where to find the A. M. Al-Refai Library QR Codes?

The Library has created two QR codes:

Green: located on the homepage to provide access to the URL of the Library homepage

Blue: located on the eResources page to provide access to all the electronic resources available at the Library  


Try scanning the above to go to the Library website                              Try scanning the above to access the eResources