A. M. Al-Refai Library hosts Dr. Eric Schulz

The A.M. Al-Refai Library in coordination with Pearson Education, hosted Dr. Eric Schulz: Pearson author, technological tools expert, and Math Professor at Walla Walla Community College (WWCC), on November 21st, at GUST.

The Math Day event opened with Dr. Ali Ansari’s introductory speech followed by Dr. Schulz’s enlightening workshop that focused on the best practices for teaching Mathematics. In his workshop Dr. Schulz highlighted data-driven decision making, pedagogy in the classroom, and the impact of interactive material on the student’s learning process. Dr. Schulz also shared effective personal experiences of how to adapt to an individual student’s needs, and how to use modern technology in innovative ways to encourage learning.

The workshop also included discussions by Pearson representatives: Ahmad Samir, Higher Education Portfolio Manager, Zoe Botterilll, Director of Product Model Management, and Rachael Hobbs, Head of Product Marketing. Samir discussed the effectiveness of learning response tools through the usage of smartphones, tablets, or laptops to engage students in interactive tasks and thinking; while Botterilll and Hobbs shared the details of a new project being developed for the Middle East dedicated to math mobile courseware.

The workshop spanned over five hours and provided staff and faculty members the chance to questions and give feedback. They learned a lot from the workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Pearson. Certificates of Attendance were circulated to all the registered attendees of the workshop. 

About Dr. Eric Schulz

Dr. Eric Schulz been teaching mathematics at Walla Walla Community College since 1989 and began his work with Mathematica in 1992. 

He is the developer of the Basic Math Assistant, Classroom Assistant, and Writing Assistant palettes that ship in Mathematica worldwide. He is an author on multiple textbooks: Calculus titles with Briggs, Cochran, and Gillett, and a Precalculus title with Sachs and Briggs where he writes, codes, and creates dynamic eTexts combining narrative, videos, and interactive figures using Mathematica and CDF technology.  

He has taught using MyLab for a number of years now and have experience to share using MyMathLab with students. His etext has 350 interactive figures.