Library Info Sessions

Who can request a library information and research session?

Students can request a session;

Faculty members can request tailored sessions for their class whereby specific databases can be demonstrated according to their students' needs;

Faculty members can request an individual or group research consultation for faculty needs.

Please submit a request form or contact us directly to schedule a session.


Why is a library information session beneficial?

A library information session can help advance a student's research and digital literacy skills which are vital for academic success.

Essentially, students will be able to:

  • Understand the need to use information and define their research topic
  • Identify the range of digital resources available in the library
  • Locate and access information using different digital resources
  • Use search tools to locate relevant information by applying effective search strategies
  • Identify and use subject specific library databases
  • Use information independently and critically
  • Locate and evaluate quality information on the internet
  • Cite information and use it in a responsible and ethical manner

It is also useful for faculty members to fully explore our range of digital resources according to their research needs.