Library Director attends Harvard Training Course and visits O’Leary Library at UMASS Lowell

Ms. Shobhita Kohli, Library Director attended two Professional Development Programs organized by GUST, in March 2014. The first a training course at Harvard called ‘Library Leadership in a Digital Age’ and the second a visit to the O’Leary Library at the University of Massachusetts. 

The course at Harvard, Library Leadership in a Digital Age was for three days and brought together faculty experts, policy makers and library leaders to consider the current state and future direction of the profession. The program enabled Ms. Kohli to identify fundamental changes occurring in the field of education and consider their implications for libraries, information services, and library leaders. As a participant, she examined new research on how people learn in a digital age and how new technologies are redefining the teaching/learning process. The course was an insight to developing practical strategies for libraries more effectively during uncertain and evolving times.

The training was followed by the 2-day visit to the O’Leary Library at UMASS Lowell and which provided Ms. Kohli with a good opportunity to share ideas on the various services the two Libraries currently offer. Current trends in Cataloguing rules, Advances in Digital Repositories (open source), and New innovations in Technology and Information Science were few of the topics discussed during the visit. Further on, areas of potential services and initiatives that could be incorporated in future were also explored.