Lab Reservation Policy

A total of 2 labs (N2-102 and 103) are available in the upper level of the Library for use by the Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) faculty and when required by online resource providers. They are each equipped with a printer and several PCs.
The Lab reservation policy:

• Labs are for conducting classes, tests, presentations, and workshops.
• The functionality of PCs in the Lab is not the Library's responsibility; for any technical issue, assistance may be sought directly from the IT.
• Discussion rooms outside the labs are used for quiet study and therefore, faculty members must ensure that the noise levels inside the labs are kept under control at all times. 
• The Labs cannot be booked for a complete semester and therefore, the booking of these labs must be renewed. Attempts to monopolize labs will be considered a breach of the Library Code of Conduct.
• The labs must be reserved in advance by filling out the form available at the circulation desk.
• Labs must be claimed within the first 15 minutes of the booking, or the labs may be taken by other eligible users.
• Reservations can be renewed for additional time if no one is waiting for a room.