GUST opens its 13th annual Book and Information Fair

Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) opened its 13th Annual Book and Information Fair, today, March 14, 2018. The event, organized by the A. M. Al-Refai Library, was attended by the university’s top management, and officially opened by GUST President, Professor Donald Bates, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Salah Al Sharhan, and Library Director, Mrs. Shobhita Kohli. The main sponsor of the event was That Al Salasil, GUST’s campus bookstore.


GUST President, Professor Donald Bates, said “Our focus at GUST is to constantly provide our students and faculty with opportunities that help create, build, and expand their horizons in the interest of promoting an environment of knowledge and learning. Seeing thirteen books published by GUST family members gives the library a real boost, and proves that it is not only alive, but a vital component of our university”.

The fair also celebrated the release of 13 different books authored by its faculty and staff, all of who attended the ceremony. The books include: Organisational Adaptations: A Pluralistic Perspectiveby Dr. Antonis C. Simintiras; Arab Women Voice New Realities chapter by Dr. Shahd Al-Shammari; Le Sang et Les Larmes by Dr. Tom Bruyer; Organic Cinema by Dr. Thorsten Botz-Bornstein; Transit States by Dr. Omar AlShehabi; The Gulf and its Economic Weapon During the Oil Crises by Dr. Omar Al Shehabi; My Mysterious Letter by Dr. Omar Al Shehabi; Writing Centers in the Higher Education Landscape of the Arabian Gulf with chapters by Dr. Inan Deniz Erguvan; The Divine power and Evil by Dr. Kenneth Pak, Media in the Middle East: Activism, Politics, and Culture by Dr. Nele Lenze; Hegel and Empire by Dr. Mohammed Habib; and The Red Heaven by Dr. Israa Omran.The Book and Information Fair offers leading publishers a platform to display the latest editions of books and online catalogs. It also provides online service providers the opportunity to introduce their latest products and innovations available in the world of technology to help faculty and students further develop their knowledge in this field. It also gives faculty members an opportunity to review the latest course books and accordingly adopt new titles, if required.  





The Book and Information Fair is a yearly event open to faculty, and students for free.