Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) releases ‘EXCELSIOR 2015’

The A. M. Al-Refai Library at GUST in coordination with the Excelsior Committee released its ninth volume, on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 in the presence of GUST Management, faculty, staff and Excelsior members and contributors. The event was officially opened by Dr. Donald Bates along with Dr. Sabah A. Al-Quaddoomi, Dr. Kameleddine Benameur, Dr. Ali Ansari, and Shobhita Kohli.

Dr. Bates thanked the attendees of the event, the Excelsior Editorial Board, committee members, and contributors for their creativity and hard work. Further on Dr. Bates said, “Excelsior is an important output of GUST’s achievements, as it furthers GUST’s attempt in honoring and supporting talent.”

Dr. Donald Bates apologized on behalf of Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan, as he was unable to attend the event and read out Dr. Al-Sharhan’s speech, as follows, “It’s always a pleasure to attend such inspired events, I would like to express my appreciation on the commendable job the Excelsior Committee and the contributors of the publications have done. I look forward to see more volumes being released in the future.”

Soon after, chocolates and Arabic coffee were served to the attendees of the event.   

Excelsior is a publication produced by students, faculty and staff at GUST and released annually. It is available in the Library for circulation within the campus; a limited number of copies are also distributed off campus. The publication contains diverse collection of short stories and other prose, poetry, art, and combinations thereof, reflecting GUST’s creativity and innovation.