Enlargement of the Spanish Corner at Gulf University for Science & Technology

The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) celebrated the Spanish Corner enlargement on Wednesday, April 04, 2013 in the A. M. Al-Refai Library.

His Excellency the Spanish Ambassador Mr. Angel Losada Fernandez and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Robert Cook officially opened the event. Also present at the opening were members of the GUST Community Dr. Ali Ansari, Dr. Janet Testerman, Dr. Thorsten Botz, Dr. Mauricio Duarte, students and staff.

Dr. Cook welcomed the Spanish Ambassador and the attendees of the event and said he would like to see further growth in the number of students studying Spanish, and introduce more levels of Spanish classes for them at GUST. Thereafter, the Spanish Ambassador gave a speech welcoming and thanking the attendees and specifically Ms. Shobhita Kohli for her efforts in organizing the event, and GUST for its support to the Embassy. He also thanked Mr. Alou Forner Gabriel from the Spanish Embassy for his initiatives in Kuwait and appreciated his work in coordinating with the Library over the Spanish Corner.

Speaking of the close links Spain has with Kuwait, the Ambassador said promoting the cultural interchange was one of the important duties of the Spanish Embassy and further added that encouraging the learning of Spanish language at GUST was a positive step in the education of Kuwaiti youth, given the extraordinary importance of the Spanish language in a globalised world. Two of their most important tasks in Kuwait he said were, first, to maintain close links with universities, centres of research, think tanks and other bodies related with education and, second,  to promote the knowledge of Spanish language and Spanish culture in different aspects (history, art, music, literature, food, etc.) in the Kuwaiti society, especially amongst youth.

The A. M. Al-Refai Libray houses the Spanish Corner in addition to a few other Corners and works closely with the respective Embassies in maintaining and promoting their books and audiovisual collections. On the occasion of the Spanish Corner enlargement the Library had on display almost 40 books on history, art, cinema, politics, social studies and economy of Spain. Many of these have been published in Arabic by “Casa Arabe”, the Spanish institution which promotes the cultural relations between Spain and the Arab world. Some others relate to the unique, Islamic heritage of Spain (Qurtuba, Madina Al-Zahara, etc.) and reflect on the deepness and complexity of the Arab and Islamic impact on the history of Spain throughout centuries and in the present day.